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Practical Training in Financial Markets

Young people complete their Graduations today without or hardly any knowledge of the skills required to find and hold a good job. At the same time, over 50% of Indian employers report they cannot find qualified applicants for their most basic entry-level positions.

Sadly, 80% of our students rate their knowledge of investments and business as poor to fair. Nearly 75% report they have been taught only “a little about” or practically nothing about how investments work. Most would like more training. The financial markets are going to be the turf of certified professionals very soon due to regulatory compulsions and/or initiatives of the industry.

Investors, Traders, Dealers, College Students, Graduates face a hard time in making their Standing in Financial Markets and Employers, Brokers face difficulty in Training them as it becomes cost effective.

Secondary market operations gained greater momentum in the last decade. In the last ten years, the value of trading in both NSE and BSE rose six times making the Indian stock markets the leading market in the Asian region and is also remarkable as compared to the growth in the world equity markets.

The product offerings of brokerage firms today go much beyond the traditional trading of equities. A typical brokerage firm today offers trading in equities and derivatives, most probably commodities futures, exchange-traded funds, distributes mutual funds and insurance and also offers personal loans for housing, consumptions and other related loans, offers portfolio management services, and some even go to the extent of creating niche services such as a brokerage firm offering art advisory services. In the background of growing opportunities for Investors to invest in India as also abroad, the range of products and services will widen further.

All faculties are highly Qualified (MBA’s, MCOM’s CFA’s, CA’s) and having rich experience of the finance World from more than 3 Decades.

Main Faculty Ms Jyoti Budhia is a Derivative & Technical Analyst having a Rich Experience in Stock Market of more than 30 years, written book of NSE NCFM- Option Trading Strategies (New Module) and also a Visiting Faculty for NSE (National Stock Exchange,FTKMC – MCX , MBA Institutes and Colleges, , BSE Brokers Forum, ANMI, BSE Training Institute, Manipal University, Empanelled faculty by NISM for Currency Derivatives, Equity Derivatives, Securities Operation Risk Management and Mutual Fund