Nifty 11th May 2018

Nifty 11th May 2018

On 11th May 2018 at the close of Market the PCR of Nifty was

4,57,76,700 Total May Month open interest of Nifty Put Options divided by 3,27,57,975 Total May Month open interest of Nifty Call Options is 1.397
Indication of Puts have been shorted (PCR more then 1 and Nifty Index rising [Keep Observing PCR along with Nifty Options Chain to understand the Movement of Nifty Index] ).

Put Options Open Interest increased in every Strike Price 10500 PE (Highest Open Interest 63,18,450) making it a good Support level and highest additions (12,46,275) being built up in 10700 PE showing support being built at this level.

Call Options Open Interest still stands at 11000 CE (Highest Open Interest 59,90,850) maintaining from the beginning of May 2018 Series.

Coming week expected to be Volatile due to Karnataka Elections Results

** In Expiry week PCR does not have much Relevance BUT Open Interest on Strike prices can give us an Indication of the price Movement of Nifty

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